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The Local Area Listing Service

1) Local Area Listing service will create a profile page that represents the customers business professionally, obtain a geo-targeted URL, for example a carpet cleaning business in Church Falls, VA might use or .net, or or .com (depending on what is available).  

2) Next, we verify that you have your three major search engine Places page, or Local page created. And if it is created, we verify the categories, the address information, the description of your business, even any duplicate Places page you may have, and we properly co-ordinate the information, to correspond with every existing, and future directory submissions we will be doing, so that everything agrees.

3) If Google, Yahoo or Bing place pages are not created, or have information modifications that need to be made, we create and/or modify the place page. Once we have completed the place page on the search engine then a major requirement of two companies (Google & Bing), is that they send by mail a verification code. This can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days.  With Yahoo, it can take 15 to 20 business days to get changes and/or publication verified.

4) Next we create directory listings for your business in Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, Yelp, SuperPages, Manta, Hot Frog and dozens more high traffic websites.  Once the listings have been published, we link the published directory to the profile page we created for your particular business. This is what causes everything to synchronize and eventually move our profile page to the top of the search engines.

5) Normally, 3 to 4 weeks after the place page has been verified, you are seeing the geo-targeted page on the first page of a main search engine in the organic section. At 4 to 6 weeks after verification you are beginning to see some of the directories in the organics section, on first and second page. You are also seeing Yahoo & Bing maps, first and second page results in your city. Another week or so, and everything has moved to the first page. Finally, anywhere from 60 to 90 days after verification, you will see Google placement on the maps. This is usually because of the type of service, the size of the city, and the amount of competition for that service in that city. Google is the most challenging of the three search engines.

Our guarantee is that if we don't have you on the first page of Google Maps or Yahoo! Local, 90 days after the Places page was verified, you won't be charged the monthly fee for that month, and we will continue to work for free until you are on the first page.

Additionally, there are no contracts. We work month to month to keep your business, by maintaining you on the first page.

The Local Area Listing Guarantee
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