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Local Area Listing, a Local SEO & Pay-Per-Click, PPC internet marketing SEO agency for Fountain Valley CA, often gets phone calls from people in Fountain Valley who wonder why their website does not get listed in the search results for specific key words. Many times when we look at the website we find that those key words do not appear anywhere on their site. Web designers tend to be very creative, and while they build beautiful websites, many forget the importance of text or have no understanding of Local SEO.

If you want to be listed as a hospital in Fountain Valley, you must use the words "hospital" and "Fountain Valley" in the title, in the description tag, and at least twice in the text, near the top of the page. Do not use the phrase "medical institution" with a beautiful photo of the hospital and a great view of Fountain Valley.  

Search engines read text. (This is basic SEO).

With our Local SEO & SEM PPC services, you’ll get noticed. Whether you have a website or not, we can get you placed with our Local SEO service and found online in Fountain Valley CA with a full suite of services, Pay-Per-Click, PPC advertising and the latest Local SEO internet marketing technologies for Fountain Valley business
Some Examples:
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Most business in Fountain Valley CA is local. Most people shop in their local Fountain Valley  CA
community. The goal of Local Area Listing, a Local SEO search expert, internet marketing SEO agency for Fountain Valley, is to have your website ranked near the top when a potential customer does a search for the service you offer, followed by the name of the city or metro area.

Auto Repair Fountain Valley, Dentist Fountain Valley CA, or Chiropractor in Fountain Valley